sexta-feira, 9 de maio de 2014


I do not know if I've posted about this or not, although I have the feeling that I've talked/written about it, it still feels like I need to do it again.

I do not come from a poor nor rich family. I come from a hard working one, and I just happened to be a very conscious teenager that understood that having 3 month of vacations every summer was way too much free time to not do anything, and so I preferred to use that time to do something useful for myself  and for others. I remember looking at some of my friends, at the end of school year, talking about what they would do that summer, to which festivals would they go, where would they go camping, which beach should they chose that summer, and thinking myself, that I needed to find something to do. Off course that I also had vacations. I also went traveling. I also went to the beach. The difference is that I would work all summer, making that last week of summer so much more rewarding and enjoyable.
I see myself has an ambitious person, and somehow I knew that having a curriculum full of activities was an important thing in the future. Nowadays I struggle with my 6 page long curriculum, although I'm still doing my studies, so my "real adulthood life" jobs haven't even started.
I've been working since I was 14. It was never about the money, since most of them were part-time jobs, and the others were volunteer work.
I've worked in so many different things, archaeological excavations, tourist guide and museum helper, forest ranger, tutor in summer swimming camp, harvests, kinder garden (for a German speaking person, this English word kinder-garden is very confusing, and I always have to double check if I've written it in English or in German), volunteer in the hospital, Rehab center, volunteer firefighter, babysitter, au-pair, cleaning lady,  private lessons, and translation.
And this is where it comes to. To be a translator.
I've been asked to do some professional translations, this week I got asked again, but every-time that that was asked of me, the pricing was always an issue, I asked too little, and they would ask even less.
I faced myself with two options, either proudly refuse the work and explain what translation is and that there is a reason for the pricing , or cowardly accept the poor payed job but get some money out of it.
My question is, should I just let it get priced down, or fight for the dignity of translators?
Because I've seen some very wrong people offering to translate for 5€ a page. What?
Depending on the languages that are being used to translate, and if it is an official document, or per say, a children's book, the rates change, but, anyway, it fluctuates between 0.06€ to 0.15€ a word. A full page is worth way more than 5€.
It might feel like I'm being greedy, and that I just want the money, but hey, I'm studying and paying for my studies for something. If I wanted a badly payed job, I could just not spend a lot of money in my studies. Plus, after all the stress it has been causing me, it better pay off very well, 'cause I didn't signed up for this to get chronicle stress.
Anyway, the problem comes up when you are in need of money, you need to pay bills, eat, medical expenses, etc., and you either get proud and say not to a bad payed job, or say yes, get your money, but demean your jog and eventually your career, not to talk about your self-esteem.
This really annoys me, and it saddens me that people don't understand the value of translators.
I'm now starting to feel afraid to say the price of a translation when I'm asked to do one, because eventually they will say that it is too much, and try to price it down or turn the hole thing off.

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