sexta-feira, 9 de maio de 2014

The hot, and I'm not

Two days ago I went to the Aquarium, and it was awesome! Jellyfishes!
Yesterday I decided that I would go to the zoo today, to walk, see the animals, feel the nature, relax, bring my knitting supplies and do some scarf meditation.
I'm starting to think more about things before I do them, like planing the hole thing, so I know everything will go according to plan, timing, packing some snacks, water, hat, jacket, etc.
The initial plan was to to be there at the opening hour - 9h30 - since it will be fresher, and maybe the animals will be more active. Its a 1h walk to get there (yes, there are buses, but, If I'm not doing anything the entire day, if walking is good for relaxing, and I get to see a bit more of the city, why not?), so I would have to leave my place between 8h and at 8h30, which means waking up at around 7h (eat, exercise, shower, sun-cream myself, etc., takes a lot of time).
Since I woke up this morning at 9h, which was too late for what I've planned, I thought it was better to go after lunch, after to hot hour were done.
When it got to around the time I thought it was good to leave the place - 14h - I checked the weather, pretty sunny outside today, than  I checked the thermometer, and it said 45.2ºC.
What the fuck sun? Why so hot? I can not go do a 1h walk to the zoo with those temperatures!
I guess I'll be going there tomorrow  really early in the morning then.
It has dropped to 44.5ºC, but still...
Can't wait to be back in cold Ireland for the summer!
The plan was Norway, but hey, life said Ireland again. :D

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