terça-feira, 6 de maio de 2014


So, it has been a week and something since my hair style changed. Some of my dread-locked friends also changed their hair style.
People that never had dreadlocks or long hair, or don't appreciate hair in a more general way, might think this is silly, but there is a lot of thinking involved in this process.
At this point, I don't know if I regret having done it or not.
Having dreadlocks, for dreadlocked people, its more than an hair style, it's a form of recognition,  it's a way of saying "cool man, we share the same believes" (most of the times). Having dreadlocks is kinda like belonging to a cult or a religion. I'm not talking about Rastafarians, although the two things are often connected. Its like belonging to a gang. You know your crowd, and they know you are one of them, just because you share a liking on the same hair style.
The other day I went to meet some people, and some of them had dreadlocks. My feeling was "cool, we share the same believes", but I could see on their faces that they didn't think the same, because I no longer have my dreadlocks, and they couldn't identify me. I'm no longer recognized by my crowd, and that saddens me. I lost part of my identity. I lost the power to fight the stigma. I was a non self-proclaimed pierced, tattooed a dreadlocked straight edge girl, and now I'm not. I was the proof that funny looking people are not all bad, that they can be good, in fact, very good, since I saved people and forests.
Plus, one of the reason for chopping of my hair was to see if it would get healthier. It keeps on falling like water in a waterfall, even thou I have been taking hair supplements.
Another reason was to make my mother happier, only did she cried a lot when she saw my hair.
So, now, I wonder if it was a good idea at all.

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