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Cloth Diapers

"A Cloth diaper is a reusable diaper and can be made from natural fibers, man-made materials, or a combination of both." says wikipédia
It is also a great "back to the old days" innovation.
Cloth diapers are the eco friendly choice when it comes to pooping. 
The disposable diapers are made of armful products for t
he environment, and are only used one time, and disposed on trash fields laying there for decades.

Why use cloth diapers?

They are washable, so your baby uses them time and time over. The diaper grows with your baby duo to the evolutionary growth closure system on them, and they go until your toddler is pot training and doesn't need them anymore. And after that, they can be passed on to your next child or to your cousins baby, or to your neighbor, you name it, but it is undeniable that these diapers do have a very long life span.

They can be a bit expensive, but you only need to have like 10-20 of them, and they pass on from baby to baby, so on the long run, they are way less expensive than the disposable ones. You can buy them second hand, and if you Do It Yourself, you will have diapers on a budget.
Another positive matter about this diapers, is that they can be made of eco friendly products, like 100% organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp.

I didn't know what hemp was, so I wikied it, and I'm impressed. Food, cloth, fuel, construction material and so on! Low maintenance,
 few pesticides and no herbicides, make this cannabis variation of a plant the "do it all" of plants. So, has a non self proclaimed straight edge, I here say that from now on, this hemp plant is on my top favorite plants. 

Where to buy cloth diapers?


Which are the best?

There are many very good brands: Shop-by-Brand
Has a previous user of cloth diapers, I prefer one-size, fitted, snap closure, waterproof outside with pocket for linen insertion on the back.

Why not DIY (do it yourself)?

There are very many good DIY cloth diapers tutorials online, some of them really simples. Here are some:


Great link with cloth diapers advises, on washing and all of that: 
modernalternativemama And I must agree on point number 11.! 

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