segunda-feira, 3 de março de 2014

New Year Resolutions

On the 3rd month of the year I realised I didn't made my NY resolutions and wish related post.

Resolution from last year:
Quit drink -> Incredible nailed it! Haven had a drink since 2012.

Quit smoking -> failed big time, but it seams that this year is the year, haven smoked since begining of January.
More exercise -> last year was not it. I went to the pool every week during the summer, but it was more of a jacuzzi moment. This year its going well, I've been going to yoga classes, and I've been doing morning and bedtime exercices. Plus I use my bike a lot.
Quit animal eating -> Failure. Living with a meat eater made things hard, but I haven't touched animals food this year! Still drinking milk, but that is the only dairy product I'm currently consuming.
Study more -> That was a plus! I did got in about almost all of the classes, and I even did an extra one!
More piercings -> Yes, two very private piercings I did.

This year I resolute to:
- Eat less processed and cooked food;
- Eat more organic and happy foods;
- Drink more natural juices; 
- Seriously learn how to juggle and roller skate;
- To be more creative and show it;
- Connect more with my foreign family;
- Open up my mind even more, since I've been realizing it is still very closed;
- Follow my dreams even more.

Make it Awesome was the wish, and it sure did was an awesome year, being the awesome part many very different things,  from the incredible friends I made that year,  the ecological group, falling in love with the latin teacher, the strong fight with my housemates, the ireland au-pairing, the summer trips, living with Nádia, loving spanish classes, being a racist and dating a black guy, spending NYeve in the beach with the ones I most love. It was all kinds of awesome last year.

This year:

Make it Mesmerizing!

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