quinta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2014


Since back when I lived in Germany and came across with this Swedish brand - Stokke - I got fascinated by some of their things, and one of the best creations of theirs is this crib:

What makes it incredibly awesome is its possibilities of changing from a nursery bed, to a childs bed, to chairs, to a desk, etc, making it a very eco choice.
They also have a changing table from the same line. (I'm not a fan of changing tables -> unsafe)
Plus, they use organic materials.

Other eco choices are:

And obviously there are always the ridiculously cute beds:

Since I'm trying to be eco, I think the best is really not to buy any baby bed at all. And if really needed, I still have my own at my parents...
And I could not finish this without talking about the most famous finnish cribe: The Cardboard Box:

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