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Brushes (hair, tooth, make up, painting, wtv, etc)

I came here to complain now, 'cause I just reminded myself that there is a certain very ecological company that needs a very upset email from a costumer: Me!

I got a bamboo hairbrush for my valentine this past valentine. And  guess what?
After two or three uses some of the bristles of the hair brush broke!
And I got very upset!
First, because I gave it has a present, and I thought it was a super cool, very good, useful, cute gift, and it let me down! It is like giving a non working ipod, or a out of date jar of peas, or an "another side of the world restaurant" discount, or a coupon for tampon to a guy! WTV...
Second, because it was the most expensive brush that I've ever bought! My brush didn't even cost half of that one. But, since its quality and price are in a related balance (or so I thought) I can not complain in this part.
Thirdly, because it claims to be all eco, biodegradable, bamboo material, wtv, and I get it, it will degrade it self with time, but come on, 3 brushes and it breaks? And that was not caused by the miss-usage of it. It was not used to brush fake hair, or to brush animals fur! And anything, since it is made of bamboo, and bamboo is an organic material, does things wouldn't ruin it anyway. I don't understand how did this happened. 
I guess ginger hair really is fire, or in this case, a very sharp cutting blade. Maybe the instructions should mention "only for very, very, very, weak hair, cancer like type".

Anyway, putting that aside, I do have to say that I was impressed by that brush, it had a very clean look.
I have a wooden one with wooden bristles, but its painted in black and red, and I guess it doesn't gives it the best or organic looks... 

Being that said, why do I presented a bamboo brush if I have a wooden one myself?

Bamboo grows faster (around 3 years for a bamboo plant to reach an adult stage), with no need of fertilizers, pesticides or maintenance (bonus for "wild"/organic growing), and it is naturally antimicrobial,  so it can be replanted every other year, making it a low maintenance, sustainable solution to replace wood, which comes from threes, and depending on the used species, it can take from 25 to 100 years or more for a three to get to an adult stage, and most of the times also needing fertilizers, pesticides and maintenance.
Mankind is too busy (and to greedy) to wait 25 years for a three to grow, so he just cuts down the ones that have been growing in our planet for centuries, and the abuse has been so big, that we seriously face deforestation.

So why don't I buy a bamboo brush for myself too?
If I already have a wooden one, it is just stupid to trow something good away to buy another one, even if the new one is an improvement. 
That applies for most of the ecological choices.
If one day, my doggydragon eats my wooden brush, and I mandatory have to get a new one, I will get a bamboo one, I just hope it doesn't breaks has soon...

What is wrong with plastic hair brushes?

WHAT is right is my question.
Plastic takes a life span to degrade, and since normal users use an hair brush a year, a new tooth brush every 3 month, drag queens will have all brands, shapes and shades of all kind of make brushes, and every good cooker has a brush to brush patisseries, that is an off load of plastic per person, per year, that one day will be somewhere in the bottom of a river, sticking out in a pile of garbage on a dump close to your city, or in the stomach of a seal...
Bamboo and wood get back to nature, giving it a new chance to defeat evil Karma.
Plus, plastic brushes and bristles damages your hair follicles, breaking them, because of the electric static plastic passes on to hair when it is being brush, especially when hair is wet. Imagine it as some one giving you a caress with his hand, but is hand is a mixture between an hedgehog and a jellyfish. Cool han?

So where can I buy one (when mine gets eaten by a catbat)?

Nowadays you can get eco-friendly brushes more often in normal grocery stores, but if you can't find it in your local shops, just don't give up, and keep on trying. Never leave the environment behind.
Here are some online solutions:
brushwithbamboo (inside this link, there are directions how to get a good maintenance on your brush and upcycle ideas)

Did you know brushes also need to be taken care of?

That's true, you'll have to walk them outside, water them, go with them to the zoo, but most of all give them love.
Now, seriously, brushes, all kinds of it, need to get maintenance, to get a better use out of it, and a longer life span, like everything.
You will need to clean them, remove hairs/toothpaste/paint/make-up, preferably after every usage, but once a week will do.

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