quinta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2013

A viagem

Like for the last month, every Monday I go to the psychologist.
This Monday she asked me to go again today. And so I went to the psychologist today, and I had a 30min appointment, that ended up becoming 3h. It was almost the full afternoon just talking, and for the two times I said the times was over, and the time the secretary came to say the next appointment was there, she said that I didn't need to go, and so we talked and talked and talked.
I really like to talk with her, because I don't need to think on her judgement or if someone will say something. I can be myself, say what I'm feeling and what I'm thinking, and today it really made me feel very good, because I said what was going on my mind, and she showed me other side, the side were I'm a very good person, responsible, mature, correct, independent, adventurous, and most of all, capable of doing, fighting and pursuing, and that I should not be bothered by others that think it other way, because they don't know my true self, because I'm not a person that needs attention or needs to let all the world know about it all.
At the end she was very nice to me, giving me her e-mail and telling me to write her whenever I want, about whatever I want, and that trough a school year she only comes to really love 2 or 3 students, that she really would liked to keep in contact with, and that she felt very pleased to meet me, because I'm an extraordinary person.
That obviously made me feel good, although I don't think I'm that extraordinary, she is not the first person to say that to me, and maybe, just maybe, they can be a little bit right, I'm not the general type of person.
Overall, I'm dealing better with my feelings :)

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