quarta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2013

Time, and blood...

One of my favorite redheads in this planet is going to cut is bellow the ass beautiful redhair tomorrow.
Does it bothers me? I guess it does, or otherwise I wouldn't be talking about it. And because it has been my fetish since I met him... Correction -  I meet him because of his hair. And tomorrow it will be gone, to the trash, which is even worst. Hmm, but he is still the same guy, same hot green eyed guy, with the same pale veins-showing-trow skin, with the same bad ass muscles, same tattoos and piercings, same bad attitude and amazing guitar/music production skills,  same amazing cooker and funny guy, same fucking smart ass and sexy guy. With the same dazzling smile. But it bothers me still.

Looking back by ~Cold-Dominion on deviantART

My other favorite redhead is looking great, his dreads have grown so much since we met, and he is still with is also redheaded girlfriend... Time flies... :)

My most favorite redhead told me yesterday that he is going to shave is beard off. Ihihih, it is going to be strange seeing him without that gorgeous long and red facial hair. There goes the viking. He also told me I had an effect on him, ahaha, I asked him "a boner?" lol and he said "you know me to well, ihih, but what I was going to say is that You are incredible though, not just in bed". That felt good. A lie, but good.

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