sábado, 28 de janeiro de 2012


I've pass down the 60's kg!
This morning I weighed myself, and the bathroom scale showed 59,8kg!
I know its little, just 200g of 60kg, but I never thought I would get this low!
You can't imagine how much time I been on 60kg and up. So much time, that I don't recall it being on any other way.
It's so good to feel this way, not fat, more agile, more free!
I've been a 42/44 (europe size) since ever, and now i fit on a 38!!!! I fit on a S/M!
I lost boobs, but, what do I care, don't really use them!!!
Don't have fat arms anymore! Don't have fat neck and sholder blades!
Still have some fat of course. It will go out with time and effort!
By the way, sick and tyred of kids, they now have glued tons of drawn on the wall and doors, and when the parents get back home, I'm the one to be blamed!

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