quinta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2012

My diet (veggie)

I start my day at 7h30am, and after I dump the bladder I weight myself.
Today I was weighting 60,4kg (I used to have 66kg before this veggie diet thing, about 3 month ago).
Than I do my hygiene. By that time I should make some yoga exercices, but I ain't got time...
Get dressed, drink a 33cl glass of water (on an empty stomach) and eat. Every morning I eat a bowl of Musli (cereal) with berries or nuts (375kcal/100g) with Bio 3,8% fat yogurt (72kcal/100g), so it's a low calories breakfast.
Than I do house shores, study german, and by 11am I eat an apple (52kcal/100g) or a black bread toast (240kcal/100g) with blackberries jam (177kcal/100g) (this one is my delight!).
Than I do 1h walking, to pick the kids from the kirdergarten (30min to get there, fast walking, and came back again).
When I get home I drink another 33cl glass of water.
Around 13pm I have lunch. We all, everyday, eat vegetarian food, vegan if possible, I don't know how many kcal, but fewer than if we had steak.
Today was spaghetti with broccoli and mushrooms, and I always flavor it with pepper. Desert is usualy fruit, from apple to banana (95kcal/100g).
Than I clean it all up, do some projects with the kids, and by 16pm we go out to play, get some energy out.
We come back home, play, arranje stuff around, and by 17h30-18pm we get dinner, always veggie, and another 33cl glass of water. Fruit. Clean it all up.
Wash the teeth, pee and bed.
Around 20h30pm I'm free, but I'm not gonna do yoga when I'm all tyred and just want to rest my body and my mind. Maybe I should... Or maybe I should wake up earlier.

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