terça-feira, 22 de novembro de 2011


Two month experiencing veggie/vegan life style.
Being vegetarian so far has been good. I've lost 5kg, and I need to lose 5 more, but the ideal would be 10 more.
I have been feeling physicaly good, but that's also because I drink 1.2L of water per day, starting with one on an empty stomach.
The vegan part, not so much. People are very selective. If they feel like being vegan, they do, if they don't, than they are just veggies. Its like, by cotton clothes because its vegan, but make woolen coat, because its cute... Don't really get it... Like having vegetable butter, but using avocado instead, just to say they're vegan...
The worths are the cravings... Quiet smokming, quiet drinking and being away from what you love while starting a vegetarian diet its not a very good or pleasent idea, and the mood floats, and eating chocolat like if it was a crime...

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