segunda-feira, 21 de novembro de 2011

Just don't put me on the "What to do" box!

So... My Au-pair family just came back from their weekend in Rome.
And something its not right.
I didn't wanted to talk about it before, but now I feel like doing it.

First of all, since when do Au-pair families are supposed to leave the au-pair alone for half a week?
And since I'm supposedly the one that takes care of the kids, why do I stay home when I'm most need?
And why am I even here? They don't need me. I just go get the kids off the kindergarten, and Kaisa could easyly do that.

Second of all, I don't really love kids, they are cute and adorable, and they makes us laugh, and I like Rio and Flor and Lumi, but, truth is, that on a long term relationship, they just don't give a crap about you. They just don't.

Thirdly, I just clean.
I'm not their household lady/slave! But that seems that is all that I do.
I put the table, I clear the table, I put the dishes in the machine, I wash the rest of the pans, I clean the stove, the microwave, and the full bench and floor of the kitchen every fucking single meal! I spend like 6h of my day in the kitchen! Every fucking day! The day has 24h, I sleep for 8h, 6h in the kitchen, 2h for laundry, 2h to pick the kids, 2h in the playground park! I'm not really living, I'm wasthing my time and live!
And Kaisa even puts problems in what I do!
I should not use detergent because its non-sticky pans, so I use the sponge to remove bits of food, but than it scratchs the pans, so I use hot water to take the grease off, but than thats not ecological!
And than I have to do the laundry, put clothes in the washing machine, take them, put them to dry, pick them, fold them and put them in the wardrobes.
And she even ignores when all the machines are beeping saying "I'm done, take whatever its inside me!", like for today, I went out, with all the garbage and recycling bags with me, and the washing machine was beeping that was finished, and I was out like 40-50mins and when I came back, it was still beeping!
And what was she doing so important that she could not pick the clothes? A beading necklace! Yeah, right!So I had to do it myself, and she went to take a nap...
Than when I was going for the living room to do so, the floor was full of croissant crumbs... Like crumbs everywhere, even in the chairs...
Guess who had to broom it all? And do the laundry next? ...
Now its 3h00pm, they are all taking a nap, and here I am, doing nothing...
I might take a nap too, just to see what happens!

Fourthly, they were supposed to give me a bus-pass, and pay for some german learning class. Nothing of that happens. The pass I don't really care, but the german learning...

And fifthly, they don't even like me. Kaisa just asked how was the weather in here. All they talk about with me, is the weather... Not that I don't like to talk about the weather. Oh, and they say things like "Rio and Flor are with fever", what am I supposed to say? "What a pity?", "Do you want me to take them to the doctor?" or "Should I make them a cup of tea?", No. And "Did you knew that the biggest pumpkin in the world weighs nearly a ton?" -> No.

So that was me complaining, but not giving up.
I'll find a way! Even if I have to ignore all the beeping and crying around me...

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