sábado, 19 de novembro de 2011

Great shopping day!

Tub'n'scrub (Treffina) octupus! :D
You know when you don't need this thing, but it is octupus shapped?
You've got to get it!
And when you don't need a 2012 calender, but it is 1m Victoria Frances ilustrated? You've got to get it!
And you don't really need a gum box, but is Capt'n Sharky?
You've got to get it!
And you don't even understand german, but it's 50 set of Black Stories, like murder, crime, scary, suspense, real facts based stories?
You've got to get it!
And you don't need a new necklace, but it has a combat vinyl boot?
You've got to get it!
And you don't need a no dog poop sign, but it's so hilarious?
You've got to get it!
And you don't need glowing in the dark stickers, but they Glow, In The Dark!
You've got to get it!
And you don't need more tea bags, but they come on a metal box with a hippie VW Van?
You've got to get it!
And when you don't need another shower gel, since you've just bought Tub'n'Scrub octupus, but it's Lacoste Pour Femme, and it smells so good and it is 30% off?
You've got to get it!
And when you don't need fabric, but it is halloween pattern teamed!
You've got to get it!
And you have 20 new unread books to read at home, but you by another one?

That is the story of one day shopping in Friedrichshafen!

I went out, round about 11am, to the city center, to buy some tulle and get a tattoo.
That turned out to be a great day!

When I was on my way to the city center, by foot, I heared some church bells ring, very loud, and I saw the big church that is near the lake, so I turned for its direction.
Looked around, and back to my journey to the tattoo shop.
Near the shop, I saw a pretty young modified woman, at the door sweeping the autumn leaves, and it kinda when like that:
Me: Halo!
She: Halo!
Me: Do you speak english?
She: Ein wening!
Me: Are you from the tattoo & piercing shop?
She: Yes!
Me: I want to get a tattoo!
She: Okay! Do you have a scketch?
Me: No! I just want to tattoo a small B on my arm.
She: How big?
Me: 2cm?
She: Okay! Nice!
Me: It's my first tattoo, so I want to go small.
She: That's fine. When do you want to do it?
Me: Now?
She: Hmm, today we are full, tomorrow we are closed, Monday I'm at a concert, Thursday it's probably full, maybe Wednesday?
Me: I'll have to check when I'm free.
She: Yes yes! Maybe it's better if you get our phone number, and ring when you're free, and we will book it!
Me: Yes, that's probably the best! Do you have another store? Because I saw another tattoo shop near where I live, maybe its yours? I don't know...
She: Hmm, what was the name? We only have this one, but theres at least that I know, one more tattoo shop in the city.
Me: Okay. I think I add your shop on facebook, by the name, I think it was yours.
She: Yes! So, let me just get you our card!
Me: Okay.
And she went inside, I went after her, it was a very nice shop, and all of a sudden I ear an "Halo" coming from satan knows where, and there was a man that I had not noticed weaving at me! I looked to stupid!
Well, she gave me the card, I said Xaus (goodbye in german), and that was all.
I was about to come back again, to ask if she knew a fabric store, when one pumped at my side!
So I entered and asked for tulle, to make my Christmas gift for Flor, a handmade Tutu skirt! (How awesome am I?) And there was some halloween pattern fabric really cheap, so I had to buy it!
I got out, and went for the Toys Store - Schinacher, to buy Christmas gifts, and the Modified Woman was just getting out of the pharmacie and smiled and waved at me. It felt so good! The feeling of "knowing" someone!
So in the toys store I bought an Abalone game for Rio, a travelers mini Abalone game for my brother, a 3000 pieces puzzle and puzzle conserver glue for my father, a 50 Black Stories Box, Capt'n Sharky gum box and Tub'n'Scrub Triffane Lavender Octupus shaped Shower Gel for me, and a Fisher Price Yellow Duck in a Transperant ball with water bath toy for Lumi.
After that, I thought of checking the book store, but in the meanwhile, through the street, I saw some nice gloves, and a nice necklace, and cheap Lacoste shower gel, and some other book store where I bought my mother a calender, and myself a Victoria Frances calender, an Emily The Strange note book and a Tea metal box with an Hippie Van on it!
And I was thristy, and I've been drinking water since I've got here, so I bought a Coca-Cola!
And finally at the main book store I bought a book for me, a sudoku mouse-pad for my father, a no-dog-poop-sign for dRi and some glowing in the dark sticker for the kids.
And I was headed home, through the promenaden, when I saw a man juggling.
I had to sneak peek him a little, and than he saw me and I asked him some questions and we had a little chat and I gave him money for his work and said goodbye.
When I was finally thinking it was going to be dark soon, and I should get home, I heard some brasilian girls talking! And I said "Uau! Pessoas a falar brasileiro! É bom perceber o que as pessoas dizem outra vez!", and they came to talk to me, and asked me if I wanted to go to Konstanz with them tomorrow! So, I think I made some friends today!
Now, I still have to make Kaisa and Vasco's present, which I think it is going to be a cool video with photos and footage of their kids, or the best photo I've took of every kid on a costum picture frame.

So now I'm home! I haven't eaten anything today, but the Coca-cola, and I don't feel hungry, but I know I have to eat something, but that demands cooking, and that means eating shit... So... I don't really know what to eat...

And thats how to spend 215,91€ in a few hours...

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Anónimo disse...

cereais? =)
adorei que tivesses conhecido brasileiras! :D
vou agr jantar, nao quero nenhum presente, so te quero ver! :c

beijinhos da dRi que gosta mt de ti!
Ps: a ideia do tutu foi brilhante!