terça-feira, 21 de junho de 2016

Psychiatric malfunction

Three things about today:Finaly my writters block to write a motivation letter has been unlocked and it was full on speed today!I remembered there are a few song with my name. Whats up with all the songs called Helena? There is even a beautiful blue butterfly called Helena Morpho! Amazing! Tattoo idea!Lastly, I went to a "conference" today and the lady next to me had an about 1 year old baby with her, and, naturaly, babies can't stay still for a long period of time, and this woman, everytime the baby dropped her water bottle or made noise, spanked her by the head.I can not understand in what world a mother bangs her own child in the head, whatever the reason might be, there is no reason to bit up a child, nor anyone.I really want to give her a piece of my mind and tell her "look lady, if you don't know how to treatment them, maybe try not to have them, abortion is legal in our country"And, beside the limited frame of weeks, there is a law that says, and I quote "... em qualquer momento em caso de risco para a grávida ("perigo de morte ou de grave e irreversível lesão para o corpo ou para a saúde física ou psíquica da mulher grávida")..."
Clearly this lady suffers from some sort of psychiatric malfunction, or else she wouldn't spank her child. Everytime a parent spanks his child, should be getting spanked instead.

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