domingo, 7 de dezembro de 2014


Thinking about xmas presents, take note on:
- Thinking on a small thingy to gift Sjard!
- Bringing Queijo da Serra for the neighbours!
- Making a fabric necklace - shipping it;
- Making a multi-strand necklace - shipping it;
- Making a crochet necklace - shipping it;
- Making a hardware bracelet - backpack it;
- Baking loads of bolachichas de areia - shipping it;
- Making a fake-secret-hideaway-spot-book - backpack it;
- Making a notebook - backpack it;
- Making a scarf - backpack it;
- Reply to Rozen and Inês letters, and think of presents for them!;
- Send a xmas post card to my kids, The Buckleys, Joe and Hävard;
- Send a nice xmas email to Lance, Dany and Daniel, Ben, Ciccio, Sil, Noe;
- What to get Dri???
- My godmother...
- Don't forget about George!!!

Is it just me, or all these gifting makes it feel very superficial? I really try my best to think of what one needs, and try to make it myself. But, like, most of these people don't really need an specific idem, and I don't want to give something useless, it is not ecological and, I don't know, it doesn't feels fully hearted! That's why I try to make my gifts. And backing good are always welcome, I guess.
If it was me, would I prefer to get another pajama, or some karjalanpiirakka? Get fluffy socks or Maultaschen? One more top or chouquettes? A cute necklace or rhubarb pie?
Hmm, I think I've proven my point. Gluttony is my sin.
But by the way, I think I'm getting boading balls :) Great for stress relief and physiotherapy! And reflexology is just magic!
My new collection is starting!!! Stress relief related stuff!

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