domingo, 16 de novembro de 2014


Gosh, Biology is something special.
I've never been a very cycle orientated woman. I never know when my monstruation is coming, or if it is late. I'm so off, that sometimes I wonder "hmm, have I had my period already this month?", and that only means that I don't see it has a stressful or troubeling thing, like many women do.
Yes it hurts like a bitch. I get cramps, low blood pressure, headaches, breast pain, colics, mood swings, but it doesn't feels like a burden.
And I've never had "scary moments" and I don't understand how other women have them, even thou they take the pill and I don't (another story for another time). I just play by the rules, and let it happen, when its here, its here. But whats funny, is that I do can tell when I'm ovulating. I get so horny! Everything is sexual, all things look sexy, my full body is craving. Sometimes I have to look away from sexy man in school. Specialy from the ones that used to have long(er) hair. And than we have german literature and their erotic poetry. Flamingos? I will never look at them the same way.

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