terça-feira, 3 de abril de 2012


So, from Friday 30 Mars to Monday 9 April, I have a week free, but it seems like they don't understand what giving a week free means.
It's bad weather to be traveling, so I'm staying at home, but, even so, they should not use me, because I'm on vacation. This week I should not clean anything, do anything, they should just ignore me.
But no, they are sleeping and doing nothing, and I'm doing my things, planing them on my computer, and they came saying for I to go to the Super Markt by yogurt when its raining frogs outside. They come and want me to bild a lego castle. To put the washing machine to work.
And after I do all of that, they just fucking kill my-self and my brain by saying that I didn't do it right... That everything is all wrong. I just want to scream "THAN YOU FUCKING DO IT!" but I can't.
Still wondering how someone gets depressed for being an Au-pair?

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