segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2012

German class

Today was my first german class at VHS-FN (Deutsch für Späteinsteiger, Grundstufe 1 - Intensiver Kleingruppenkurs, Teil 1).
The class started at 18h and it was 17h30 and I was still recycling some bottles and papers, of course that I would be very late, but all of a sudden, my interesting pretty young neighbour showed up in is Mercedes, and I asked him if he could give me a ride to the city, and so he did. He is Patrick and he likes metal music (too. of corse). In the class, there was Luís, and he also offered to give me a ride back home.
Now Taís is going to lend me her german Scritte Plus 1 A1/1 book!

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