terça-feira, 10 de abril de 2012

Paris - France + Tübingen - Deutschland

J'alle a Paris.
Last weekend I went to Paris, like a crazy girl, alone, to meet unknown people, and spend a lot of hours alone and lost.
On friday, I got bus at 15h30 in Friedrichshafen to Konstanz to meet my ride to Tübingen.
Left Konstanz at 17h20 to Tübingen. Than waited there 4h for the bus to Paris, at 22h45. All alone. Decided to walk around to know a little of the city, but soon was night, dark and cold, on a unknown place... That is when I heard some rock music coming from a bar.
"What do I have to loose? Lets get inside!"
The bar was called The Last Resort, and it was very nice. The barman, Erik, was very gentle and talked to me all the while untill I had to leave, and 5 min before that, he offered me a shot of vodka! The other barman was very nice too, always smiling at me. Im going to Tübingen again this weekend, and I'm going to that bar again!
Well, than it was Paris. I met Selcuk, from couchsurfing and he showed me Paris for the Saturday. What did I saw? Almost everything. Famous cemitery Pére Lachaise, the Opera Bastie, Notre-dame, Jardin de Luxemburg, Les pounts, Louvre, La Opera Garnier, Les grands Boulevards, Le Jardin des Tuileries, Place de la Concorde, La avenue des Champs-Elysée, Arc de Troimphe, La Défense et le Grande Arc, La Tour Eiffel, Le Moulin Rouge, La Basilique de Sacré-Couer... Selcuk was really the best thing that could have happened to me in Paris. We even had time to enjoy the sun, relax, eat crepes, eat ice cream, shop... At the end of the day, around 20h30, I had to came back to Tübingen.
At 7am I was in Tübingen, and spent another 7h there alone waiting for my ride back to Konstanz. My ride had her car full, and they didn't bother to speak in english, so I didn't bother to sleep...
On Sunday 17h30 I got home.
Now tell me who tha fuck is going to marry me like this? Im nuts!

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