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My Dying Bride

My Dying Bride is a British Death/Doom Metal band formed in 1990.

A Line of Deathless Kings
2006 CD Peaceville/Snapper CDVILE 150
To Remain Tombless6:06
L'Amour Detruit9:08
I Cannot Be Loved7:04
And I Walk With Them6:37
Thy Raven Wings5:22
Love's Intolerable Pain6:14
One of Beauty's Daughters5:40
Deeper Down6:28
The Blood, The Wine, The Roses8:21
Total running time: 61:10

A Line of Deathless Kings
Songs of Darkness, Words of Light
2004 CD Peaceville/Snapper CDVILE 110
The Wreckage of My Flesh8:45
The Scarlet Garden7:49
Catherine Blake6:32
My Wine in Silence5:53
The Prize of Beauty8:02
The Blue Lotus6:33
And My Fury Stands Ready7:45
A Doomed Lover7:54
Total running time: 59:13

Songs of Darkness, Words of Light
The Voice of the Wretched (Live)
2002 CD Peaceville/Snapper CDVILE 117
She is the Dark
The Snow in my Hand
Cry of Mankind
Turn Loose the Swans
A Cruel Taste of Winter
Under Your Wings and Into Your Arms
A Kiss to Remember
Your River
The Fever Sea
Symphonaire Infernus et Spera Empyrium

Voice of the Wretched
The Dreadful Hours
2001 CD Peaceville/Snapper CDVILE 90
The Dreadful Hours9:24
Raven and the Rose8:13
Le Figlie Della Tempesta10:09
Black Heart Romance5:24
A Cruel Taste of Winter7:36
My Hope the Destroyer6:45
The Deepest of All Hearts8:56
Return to the Beautiful14:24
Total running time: 70:51

The Dreadful Hours
Meisterwerk II
2001 Compilation CD Peaceville/Snapper CDVILE 85
Sear Me MCMXCIII7:24
Vast Choirs7:30
She is the Dark8:27
Catching Feathers3:42
Two Winters Only9:00
Your River9:18
Some Velvet Morning5:54
For You (bonus video track)
Total running time: 61:58

Meisterwerk II
Meisterwerk I
2000 Compilation CD Peaceville/Snapper CDVILE 81
Symphonaire Infernus et Spera Empyrium (demo version)8:55
The Crown of Sympathy12:11
The Grief of Age4:10
A Kiss to Remember7:32
Grace Unhearing (Portishell mix)7:07
For You6:37
Unreleased Bitterness7:42
Sear Me III5:27
The Cry of Mankind (bonus video track)4:36
Total running time: 59:40

Meisterwerk I
The Light at the End of the World
1999 CD Peaceville/MFN CDVILE 79
She is the Dark8:27
The Night He Died6:29
The Light at the End of the World10:45
The Fever Sea4:13
Into the Lake of Ghosts7:11
The Isis Script 7:11
Sear Me III5:27
Total running time: 71:11
The Light at the End of the World
34.788%... Complete
1998 CD Peaceville/MFN CDVILE 74
The Whore, The Cook and the Mother 12:00
The Stance of Evander Sinque 5:31
Der Uberlebende 7.39
Heroin Chic 8:03
Apocalypse Woman 7:38
Base Level Erotica 9:55
Under Your Wings and Into Your Arms 5:57
Total running time: 56:42

34.788%... Complete
Like Gods of the Sun
1996 CD Peaceville/MFN CDVILE 65
Like Gods of the Sun5:41
The Dark Caress 5:58
Grace Unhearing 7:19
A Kiss to Remember7:31
All Swept Away4:17
For You 6:37
It Will Come4:28
Here in the Throat6:21
For My Fallen Angel 5:55
It Will Come (Nightmare)* 5:37
* bonustrack (digipak ed. CDXVILE 65 only)
Total running time: 54:10

Like Gods of the Sun
1995 Compilation CD Peaceville/MFN VILE 46
Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium11:39
God Is Alone 4:51
De Sade Soliloquay 3:42
The Thrash of Naked Limbs6:13
Le Cerf Malade 6:31
Gather Me Up Forever 5:17
I am the Bloody Earth6:37
The Sexuality of Bereavement 8:04
The Crown of Sympathy (Remix) 11:10
Total running time: 64:04
Trinity (US edition)

The Angel and the Dark River
1995 CD Peaceville/MFN CDVILE 50
Cry of Mankind12:13
From Darkest Skies 7:47
Black Voyage 9:46
A Sea to Suffer In 6:30
Two Winters Only 9:00
Your Shameful Heaven 6:58
The Sexuality of Bereavement* 8:04
* bonustrack (digipak ed. CDXVILE 50 only)

The Angel and the Dark River
Turn Loose the Swans
1993 CD/MC/LP Peaceville VILE 39
Sear Me MCMXCIII 7:25
Your River 9:18
The Songless Bird6:57
The Snow in My Hand7:05
The Crown of Sympathy 12:13
Turn Loose the Swans10:06
Black God4:50
Total running time: 58:15
Turn Loose the Swans
Turn Loose the Swans (MC) Turn Loose the Swans (vinyl)

As the Flower Withers
1992 CD Peaceville VILE 32
Silent Dance 2:00
Sear Me 9:00
The Forever People 4:03
The Bitterness and the Bereavement 7:28
Vast Choirs 8:09
The Return of the Beautiful12:45
Erotic Literature 5:05
Total running time: 49:26
As the Flower Withers

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