segunda-feira, 10 de agosto de 2015

Just another day on a simple life

When everybody is sleeping-in, hangover, until noon on a Sunday and you are up at 9am cleaning up their mess, doing their laundry and their dishes and making everybody breakfast for ending up the day going to bed after them, exausted from all the mess they made during the day, which you ended up cleaning after.

When I woke up today I thought I was going to have a fun day, go out and get some sun and fresh air, see new stuff, see old stuff. Has the day went on, I just upset, and pissed, and mad, and eventually exausted.
Mad at myself, 'cause I'm an idiot for cleaning after others. I feel so tired... I really don't want to leave, but thinking there's tree more weeks of this just puts me in a bad mood.

On the other hand I made a nice flyer for de Ecological Groupe :)

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