quarta-feira, 2 de julho de 2014

My Travels

I consider myself a traveled person. And in my travels I've learned a lot of things. Among does things there a lot of cultural specifications that I miss that I can't get in here, or more correctly saying, I can't get people here to understand them, like no shoes inside, or wash hand when you get inside the house, or no tv when eating, or going there and talk instead of screaming/calling the persons name, or do the dishes after the meals, call in to friends houses seriously just for tea.
The one thing I'm happy about this, is that I came across them, and one day I will be able to apply them in my own home. :)
And finally I can get 1kg buckets of natural yogurt in Lidl! And smoked salmon!
And its always lovely to receive a Earl Grey Tea in the mail :) with milk and a teaspoon of honey, delish!

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