sábado, 29 de junho de 2013

Out to not be a mom.

Like, if your au-pair is working her ass off 10h a day, including  the fucking Saturday, when all her friends are enjoying the weekend, and than you even ask her to babysit at night, like if you don't miss your kid at all, don't came home at lunch time, smoke a cigarette and give the kid and ice cream before he eats the fucking lunch I made for him, and go back to work, leaving the kid crying because he wants is mommy, because he doesn't wants to eat the fucking lunch, and because he wet is pants with the ice scream that you fucking gave him. Where is the respect?
Hey, I'm the young here, it should be me fucking things up, since I'm not the real mom here!

Oh lord, give me love, for my patience is going away...

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