terça-feira, 4 de junho de 2013


It is time to start talking.
Every family has its good things and bad things.
This one is way smaller than the Luso-Fin one, but it is very different, in so many ways.
And for me, it is always a matter of adaptation. Step out of the comfort zone. Get out of the box.
Luso-fin family had two parents and 3 kids. They were vegetarian, very eco, very organized, and had conscience about the world.
This family is just mother and son. They eat very badly (in part because of the irish culture, the americans of europe), they are not eco at all, not organized at all, and the world, its a completely different place for them.
I'm going to try to teach some stuff. Starting by recycling.
I don't know, to be an Au-pair looks to other as an easy job, but is always a hard psychological management.
It is not like living with parents, where you might do what you like.
You can not get up at 3am and go bake apple pies, nor do you feel like doing it.
There is no real privacy, no real liberty, no real love, no real appreciation, and it seems that everything is always going wrong.
Should I make him eat healty, eat veggies, eat right, at the table, with no tv, or should I let him do has he wants, eat pizza and sweets, in the sofa, watching tv?
First one is what mother wants me to do, second one is what mother does.
Hmm, either way, the result is always bad to me.
Right now my head hurts a lot.

I talked on the phone with my mother yesterday, and she said "if you don't want to be there, tell me, I'll send you money and you came back, no problem dear", and that made me think, "is this really what I want to do?". 3 month are nothing, but this kids cries for everything and for nothing, and doing things that go against my thoughts it is not doing me any good.

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Anónimo disse...

o que quer que decidas, decide para seres mais feliz, se quiseres fica ai, conhece e basa assim que tiveres feito o reconhecimento turistico!
não tens que passar mal, não precisas disso.

entretanto, da a pizza ao miudo (não é o teu miudo) e faz o que a mae pede. Vai tornar-te a vida way more easy!

E mais.. na folga, vai ver os ruivos até te enjoares da cor! ahah

Beijo Adoro-te! Dri!