sábado, 1 de outubro de 2011

2nd Day - Friedrichshafen

As for today, in the morgen I, Rio and Flor went to the park, to play with the vesi, build mud castles.
We had salmon with patatoes in the oven for lunch, all bio food, and then Kaisa suggested for us all to go for a walk in the city center, near by the lake Konstanz, on a Promenaden.
We stopped at an itallian eis-kaffee to eat an ice-cream, and bought a bedspreak for my bed on Hake shop.
While we walked, between the portuguese-finish-english-german talking that Kaisa and Vasco were having, I was able to pick up that they were talking about going to places like Rotterdam, Moscow, Vienna and Rome, all before christmas...
Then we went home for dinner to eat a very tasty vegan-bio soup (I know that i've metioned the vegan bio food before, and I'll mention it again and again, over and over, untill I'm fully into it.)
After dinner we watched Harry Potter and th
e Philosopher's Stone, and before bed I and Rio set up a lego castle.

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