quarta-feira, 18 de maio de 2016

New job, old life.

So, second round of interviews, less ET. Didn't even need to go to round three.
"I had a feeling about you in the first interview. If you want it, the job is yours, starting next month."

I haven't even finished my studies and I already have a job.
Was it a good call? Was it a bad call? Only time will tell. But adulthood is here now. Bills and taxes are coming!
Is it what I thought I would do? No.
Is it what I hoped my life would be? No.
But to start with, its good. I can get some experience, I can save some money, and maybe later get back to studying or grow up within the company.
For now, it will do.
Revolution is coming their way!

Now... the other side, there is no traveling involved... I wont be living in a new country like I wish I would. And! there are many good well payed au-pair jobs in Switzerland and Norway calling for me. Literaly calling me.
But I said yes, and that my adventure for now. But! what about Ireland? I miss it sooooo much!

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