domingo, 27 de abril de 2014

Bedtime routine

In an attempt to make myself more healthy, less stressed, and more environmental, I've decided to make a bedtime routine.

Bedtime routine:
- Don't eat 3h before going to sleep.
- Don't do very requiring activities 3h before going to sleep, like exercice or thinking about problems.
- Wash face with homemade face scrub/mask, let it sit - helps clears up pores and cleans up the skin -10min - only every-other day, scrubbing too often rips of the good protective cells from the skin;
- Brush teeth with homemade tooth paste - whitens teeth - 5min;
- While brushing, think of how good the day was, and how much better tomorrow will be;
- Drink a big glass of water -  hydrates the body for when it is sleeping;
- Wash mask off the face, moisture it - moisturizing over night is important to keep the skin healthy;
- Hand cream - keeps the skin in the hand hydrated and presents aging marks;
- Bed Yoga - relaxing yoga exercises and positions that can be done in bed and help the body and mind get ready to sleep - 30 min;
- Get to bed and read one chapter - its a relaxing activity good to put you to sleep;
- Drink GoodNightTea while reading - it has calming effects;
- Lay down in bed and do a boob massage while breading deep - helps to work the muscles underneath the boobs, which makes boobs fuller - 10min;
- Massage scalp while breading deep - helps to stimulate the follicles on hair, therefore, hair growth - 5min;
-  Say your prayers;
-  Go to sleep.

So whatever time you need to go to bed, just start your routine 1h30 to 2h before.
This Bedtime routine/your time, complimented with a good Morning routine, makes anyone get healthier and happier. :)

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