quinta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2013

The moving.

Hmm, around a month ago, me and my roommates asked our landlord to price down our rend, but he didn't, so we decided to start looking for a new apartment, but only thought about moving out in July.
By a mysterious miracle, two days into our web surfing for rooms, we found the perfect house.
Lower rent, closer to uni, closer to the bars, even better condition than the previous!
It was a give it or take kind of situation, and we took it!
Our previous landlord did not like it, and made a drama out of it, but that is something I do not want to talk about right now.
So there we were, having to moving out of old apart at 23.59h Jan 31, into the still occupied new apart. It was an adventure, but still we moved, and now we are happier people.
We all have to get used to the new house and stuff, but we are glad we did it, because our new landlord is so cool that it looks like we are talking to a Uncle or something!

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