sexta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2013

I wonder why aren't my parents proud of me...

I'm a wonderful child.
I do stuff, don't bother anyone.
I took my driving license at first attempt.
I once had 19,5 out of 20 on a test.
I recieved 1000€ in highschool for good grades.
I quited drugs.
I'm a volunteer firefighter.
I was a vonlunteer on a hospital.
I did an internship on a recovery house for addicteds.
I did a gap-year abroad as an Au-pair.
I traveled alone through a few countries in Europe.
I entered in one of the oldests universities in the world, therefore, one of the best of Portugal.
I'm the Vice-President of the table of the Plenary of The Ecological Group Of The Academic Association of Coimbra.

I'm like wonderwoman, minus the boobs, and all they can think about is that I should look like barbie... --'

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