quarta-feira, 23 de maio de 2012

Helsinki - Finland

So, I should up-date my blog, because if I don't, whats the point of having it? Does two last week I was in Helsinki with my GastGFamilie. Worked very little, and everyday I had free time. Before leaving, I made a Challenge: - No pc, no net, no washing machine. I also talked to a few people on CouchSurfing, and connected with them later on by cell phone in Helsinki. Im glad tht I did not bring my computer, nor used my cell phone to go into the internet, because that made me go out of the house every single time that I was free, and because of that, I meet Roni and Jesse, the CouchSurfers that went along with me for those two week. They are very different people, although they also like metal music. They are so interesting in so many different ways. First, I met Roni, we walked around the city, he showed me most of the classical sights in Helsinki, and some not so classic, but also very pleasent. He likes board games, like Dominion. Than I met Jesse, and we talked about finnish people, and Finland, and finnish speaking, and a shit load of things. Destiny or not, they live right across the street from eachother, in Kalio area. At the end, I ended up having sex with Jesse, going down, cross the stree, going up, and having sex with Roni. They are very different in sex, but I like it the Finnish way! I lived in Hertoniem (GastFamilie) and Myllypuro (Frieda - GastFamilie Friend). They were really nice with me at Frieda's place, and I had my own loft, privet bathroom, different entrence, my own key. Could it been better? I ate some traditional finnish food, and did you know that they have an island just for the zoo? And that they have their own saun at home? Everybody! And that they do not have a tube/duch washbasin/sink? The water goes straight to the floor, into a wastepipe, and the floor is tilted. And that they do not have a bidet? Instead, they have a mini duchhandle on the side of the toillete, so you can clean yourself with water! I thought it was to clean the bathroom sinks! Nuts! Oh, and it get morning at 5am, and night only comes at 23pm (at least while I was there). It was really a cool experience. And one day I went to Tallinn, capital city of Estonia, and made a lip piercing there.

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