domingo, 11 de março de 2012

Stuttgart - Germany

Friday was a calm day.
Saturday Belushi's Bar was the best ever. All my friends were there. I got to make new friends, speak french with a french guy, speak english with an Australian. So cool. Edipo and Felix were coming on me, and I thought they were a couple! Got home pretty late and pretty drunk, since I had the flu, and eating or drinking tasted ofnothing, I drunk wishkey like I was drinking water. That and having to scream to be able to talk, made me became voiceless.
Yesterday I went to Stuttgart with Taís, Danilo, Daia and Bruno.
I got to see some of the most well know places around there, and we went to the Zoo! WOW Lamaas, Polar Bears, Leopards, Camels, etc.
At the door of a church, we saw this blonde dreadheaded, blue eyed, tattooed, guitar player and street singer, and he started to sing 'The man who sold the world' for me. It was so amazing, I filmed it, and he was loking at me!
Around 6pm we had to get the zug back home, and our train wasn't available because someone commited suicide in the railway line. So we had to get the IC to Ulm.
Before getting into the train, I saw an amazingly pretty blonde dreaded head guy, and he was in the same train has we, so Tais chalanged me to go talk to him, since I found him so pretty, and after a while of wondering what should I talk to him about, I asked him about is dreads, with this hot line voice. lol
After that I went to Bruno's and Daia's house to have a vegetarish pizza, and than back home.
Today I remembered that I didn't asked of any of the dreadheads their names, so now I'm feeling pretty idiotic.
Now I'm going to Bruno's house again to cook a brazilian tradictional plate, Coxinhas de frango.

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