terça-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2012

The weekend

Best weekend in Deutschland since ever! (not forgeting the Munchen one, but that was another story)
On Samstag I meet some brazilian people, Taís, Daia, Danilo, Jefferson and Benny.
Taís invited me for skating (skate in ice) in Ravensburg, it was very funny, I felt down a few times. When we were about to leave, we found Benny in the street, and at the same time, Jefferson and his girlfriend Anne showed up, so we went unto a coffe shop and talked, and talked, in german, portuguese, english, spanish, it was really nice. Than they arranged for a friends dinner gathering at Benny's place, and so we did, really cool and chill out and fun and good.
On Sonntag I meet a portuguese boy, Daniel, from Leiria, and we when to a rock concert, in Molke association. Really nice place for young people, and old too.
Than we walked, we had lunch in the hallenbad restaurent, and when to his place. There I meet another german boy,Philip, and we all talked, and talked until it was dark.

So, DO is the word to change your life!
Putting action is what matters!
Being myself again! :)

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Depois tens de trazer os brasucas ca! Miss u darling* dRi