sexta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2011

Tattoed by Kat Von D

A fucking ton of things to say!
So, once more, I'm home alone, for another boring weekend!
Its a rip-of-trees wind storm outside.
My downstairs university neighbors are having a party, playing drum'n'bass out load.
My upstairs boring old neighbors have there christmas decoration lights down the building, to the ground, knocking on my window.
I've been out all afternoon, with this rain and wind, walking all the way back home.
Wondering what was I doing out with that weather?
Well, I got a tattoo!
Yeah, still don't believe it!
I went to the store, to check when would they be free, and:
Ulli: - Yeah, 30 min from now, you can get it!
I: What? 30 min? Really?
Ulli: Ja, our client canceled because of the storm, so you can come. :)
I: 30 min? Okay, I'll be coming back in 30 min. Danke je!
Ulli: See you then!
So, you can guess how that went!
And, the tattoo artist is called Kat, like Kat Von D from LA Ink, but this one is Kat Von D-eutschland from
She is very sympathetic, very pretty, and we talked about planing a sleeve.
Did getting tattooed hurt? Hell yeah. Nothing like a piercing. Nothing like a cat scratching you. Worst. (Am I ever gonna regret this?)
Did it worth it? Hell yeah. I've got a tattoo. I'm now officialy on the tattoo group of people! lol

My party downstair neighbors just knocked on the door, asking if the decoration christmas laying down lights were from my house, and I kinda told them to come inside and add me on facebook, so I made some new friends, I hope!

Plans for tomorrow?
A piercing? Oh, I forgot my needles back home. ;)

PS: I got a heisse skocolade on Ulmer coffee, and when I got inside, it was playing a portuguese music in the radio! Dança Kuduro -> Wierd!
Meaningless shit full of meaning!

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