terça-feira, 27 de setembro de 2011

And another chapter of my life begins.

Next Thursday (29th September 2011) I'm moving to Germany, more exactly to Friedrichshafen.
It is going to be a small trip, with a big meaning! (that will take me to drive my car, to take a bus, to go on the metropolitan, to catche my flight to change mylife)
Gonna try to do this and amazing experiment. A life changing experiment!
All my luggage is done, my suitcase its bursting at the seams! I still don't know how I've managed to put it all in!
I'm moving to the house of the family Duarte, where Vasco is the father, Kaisa is the mother, and they have three little children, Rio of 6 year old, Flor of 3, and Lumi of 9 months.
I still don't know what to expect, althought I've made up my mind about almost every little thing!
I'm gonna be a vegan, non-smoker, non-driker healty woman, gonna recycle, gonna do thing right and in the proper way!
More news soon! ;)

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