quarta-feira, 29 de julho de 2009

Love story.

Not to be known, although not to be hidden.

Love stories, the ones that I never thought they were real.

Theses days, with out you, I've been despered. Thinking that without you I'm nothing, thinking what should I do, or not to do. My head is confused, I don't know if it is love, or just some short of feeling the need for someone. When I'm with you I feel so calm, warm, safe and loved. Without you these fucking fucked up world just gets so damn real, so mad, so sad. I'm not used to it anymore. I can no longer live like this. Stop it.

This album, Hindsight, it's for lovers, just like you and me.
We've walk by with the sound of these musics, we've cook, we've eat, we've dance , we've played , we've sleep, we've had bath together , we've made sex , we've made love.
We're almost like too old lovers.
I feel like I've known you since ever, is it why I love you so much?
I miss you.
I miss you.
I miss everything in you, of you, and with you.
I miss your touch, your breath, your smile, your embrace, your serius bussiness face, your eyes, your hands, your burning chest and beating heart, your sensivity, your hard cock, (I know I shouldn't tell this) I miss your lovely face when you're cumming inside me. :$
I miss the night we were in your bed making love listening to A natural disaster and I cried over you. I miss your burning eyes looking at my face wet with tears. I miss the power of your embrace that night, I just made me cry even more. It felt like I was going to crash into tears.
I miss our first kiss.
I miss your love.

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