terça-feira, 26 de agosto de 2008

The perfect call

Please enter a code to remotely access a feature.
To end this call, please dialed cardinal (#), to go back to the menu dial asterisk (*).
You dilead asterisk (*).
To order a vibrator, please dial one (1).
To order a sweet bunny, please dial two (2).
To order a kinky bunny, please dial tree (3).
To order a sadistic bunny, please dial four (4).
To order an anal bunny, please dial five (5).
To order a chocolat bunny, please dial six (6).
To order a black chocolat and white chocolat bunny, please dial seven (7).
To order an orgy with five hot bunnys, please dial eight (8).
To order a gay man, please dial nine (9).
To special order, please dial zero (0).
You dialed tree (3), kinky bunny, to confirm please dial zero (0).
You dialed zero (0).
Please, to continue, you'll have to dial your check account number.
The number you dialed is too small.
Please, dial your check account number.
Your call cannot be completed as dialed.
The number you have dialed is not in service.
Please check the number and dial again or call your operator customer service to help you.
If you dialed a 5 digit code, it has changed. Please redial adding a 1 and a 0 before the 5 digit code. Or for assitance, contact the carrier you are trying to use.
You dialed 911.
The number you have reached, 911, has been changed to a non published number.
Please try your call again later.
This is a recording.
Thank you, come again.

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