quinta-feira, 10 de maio de 2007

«My Imaginary Friend»

some normal days
make go insane
them you ask me why
have i an imaginary friend

and i can not answer you
cause to me, he is real
and you are lying
about his existance

he is so beautiful
so perfect
he makes me dream
about the perfection

but not like every body thinks
imaginary freinds can be evil guys too
mine sometimes tell me things
that hurt me badly

i begin to cryand
he tells me that i am weak

inside of me grow up angry
and i stabed him in the heart

he bleeded until the floor
blanket with blood
and after, he vanish
like a fog in the morning

one day forward
two days pass away
tree days and he dont appear

i begin to be concerned
about what have happened to him
and unawared
he reappear to me

he give me hugs
he kiss me
and comfort me
he is a sweety

but them
i hurts me again
and again
and again

it seems that he enjoy
see my self crying
see me dying

i dont care
not anymore
i close my eyes
and yelling
i repeat over and over again
"fuck you, fuck you, FUCK YOU"

he blowup
right in front of my eyes

its over
finality its over
i dont have an imaginary freind
not anymore
i grin
what a release

(sorry for the wrong words, for the bad speech, for every thing, i just enjoy trying to write in english)

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Anónimo disse...

coitado, apesar de ter uma sorte do caracas na cena dos abracos beijos e por ai, no fim bem se lixou e desapareceu :s